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Who Are We?

We ARE Springfield's Premier Strength Gym. We have athletes on every level of competition, from beginners to world record holders. Our goal is to share our passion for the strength industry and get more individuals involved in using a barbell to get stronger. We have outfitted this facility with every piece of equipment you could possibly need to get stronger for powerlifting, perform better in strongman, or just to build overall strength. 

GP is known for our community and the family we have created as we have opened our arms to everyone who wants to come in and join. Whether you are 10 years old or 70+, we would love to have you join our gym and become a part of the family. 

Three Things That Make Us Different?

We pour every ounce of energy we have into bettering our facility and taking care of our members. Our members are family and mean everything to us. 

Our customer service is unbeatable and we are willing to do whatever it takes to help YOU be a better version or yourself and for YOU to perform better. 

GP Athletics is the nicest, cleanest, and most equipped facility in Southwest Missouri for barbell training. We also love to educate our members when we can and be a part of their life.

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