Physical Therapy

Dr. Chance Martin


Doctor of Physical Therapy (DPT) with 6 years of outpatient orthopedic experience 

Medbridge Certified in Orthopedic Excellence: The Spine 

Precision Nutrition certified Nutrition Coach 

Evaluation - $345 value (what we typically charge insurance) 

•Detailed history o Objective measurements – mobility screen, strength balance o Detailed plan of care with agreed upon goals 

• Customized exercise program via app - more detailed exercises than your yellow theraband 3x10 with weekly modifications and accountability - $250 value 

• 24/7 access to Doctor of Physical Therapy – instant messaging via HIPAA compliant EMR - $75 value 

• Hands on soft tissue and body work: IASTM, manual stretching, taping - $145 value 

• In depth movement analysis and corrective exercise prescription - side by side comparison to measure progress - $175 

• Access to private online group with weekly seminars on injury prevention, nutrition, and recovery topics/strategies - $50 

• Nutrition consultation with accountability tracking - $200 

• Whoop tracking for lifestyle modification suggestions - $360 value (covered during period of contract. Once contract is up this it patient’s responsibility)

Total: $1,600 value for a per visit fee of $175 eval, $125 follow up