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Physical Therapy

Dr. Elizabeth Sisson, PT, DPT


Elizabeth received her Bachelors degree in exercise physiology from Drury University in 2018. During her time at Drury she played collegiate soccer and found her passion for lifting weights. She dedicates a significant amount of time developing a foundation of strength through barbell training. Elizabeth received her doctorate in physical therapy from Missouri State University in 2021, as a licensed physical therapist, and an avid student of the biopsychosocial model of pain and rehabilitation. Her unique background in physical culture and knowledge attained both from formal education and independent research sets her apart from practitioners whose knowledge comes solely from academia. She finds great fulfillment in helping patients take back control of their physical existence. Together, Elizabeth and her patients develop a treatment plan to promote resilience of the body, instill confidence in their own abilities, and create a mental framework that will set them down a path of physical longevity and pain free movement.


Command Family Medicine

3238 S National Ave

Springfield, MO 65807

Contact Information:

Phone: 573-528-0614


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