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Our Location

4268 S Hillcrest Ave Ste 107 Springfield, Mo 65810

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Personal Training

Personal Training takes place in either a one-on-one session with a trainer or a couples session with you, another individual, and your trainer. Our knowledgeable coaches will take you through a program that is designed specifically to meet your individual needs and goals. 


*If you're interested, head over to our TEAM page to see which coach would best fit you.

Group Training

Group training at our facility is a mixture of strength and conditioning. The training is offered in small class sizes that cap at 10 members per class. Our classes are high energy, creating a friendly and competitive atmosphere.  

 Future Coaches

Is your goal to run your own business and be self-employed, but don't want the financial burden or overhead? GP Athletics allows knowledgable coaches to run and operate their own business using our facility.  We create all contracts and run all billing for our coaches. Coaches create their own deals and specials, but we do the dirty work for them. 

Open Gym

We offer an easy month-to-month gym membership for only $39/mo. No contracts, no sign up fees, no maintenance fees. 24/7 membership are available. 

GP Athletics

At GP Athletics, located in Springfield, MO we want to help our clients do 3 things:

Find Motivation

Accomplish Goals

Gain Confidence