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4268 S Hillcrest Ave Ste 107 Springfield, Mo 65810

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Message from the Owners

GP Athletics is a private training studio located in Springfield, MO. The name is derived from the last names of the two owners, Spencer Graham and Patrick Posten. GP has a goal to help improve the quality of life for each individual that walks through our door. To achieve this goal, GP believes there are 3 things each client must do, those 3 things are: find motivation, accomplish goals, and gain confidence. 

Aside from the gym being private, the other thing that separates us is our method of primarily using free weights and barbells for training. Upon walking into our facility you will only see a few machines, most of our training takes place with free weights and barbells. The reason behind our lack of machines goes back to our original goal, improving quality of life. In life there aren't many times when you have muscles working in isolation. Free weights and barbells force an individual to use multiple muscle groups during each exercise, mimicking real life situations. 

We also offer a facility that is catered toward powerlifters, strongmen, and all other forms of strength athletes. 

This system of focusing on improving the quality of life has been proven to make our clients achieve a plethora of different goals: creating mental toughness, losing fat, gaining muscle, getting stronger. 

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What is GP Athletics?

Personal Training

Group Training

Personal training offers a type of training that is specialized to the specific needs and goals of each individual client. 

Group training offers a small group class setting. These classes are a combination of strength and conditioning, with the added bonus of competition against fellow group members. 

GP Athletics

At GP Athletics, located in Springfield, MO we want to help our clients do 3 things:

Find Motivation

Accomplish Goals

Gain Confidence